Distance Learning Complaint Process

Elmira College is approved by New York State to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Out-of-state students (individuals residing in another state while completing a course at Elmira College) wishing to complete coursework through distance learning, should be advised that Elmira College is legally authorized to provide postsecondary educational instruction and our program is comparable to those in member states, districts, and territories. This voluntary agreement indicates that Elmira College’s postsecondary distance education program is based on interstate standards and regulations. 

Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students - Elmira College is committed to resolving formal student complaints through internal processes and procedures. Students are expected to utilize these procedures to address complaints in a timely manner so the College can resolve responsively. Information regarding our internal complaint procedures, can found on the Student Consumer Information page.  Students should follow internal institutional procedures prior to engaging New York State / NC-SARA.

Examples of issues that impact consumer protection include, but are not limited to recruitment or marketing materials; job placement data; tuition, fee, or financial information; information pertaining to admission requirements; institutional accreditation; and information regarding the transfer of course credits toother institutions. 

In the event the internal complaint process does not end with a resolution, the student should follow the SARA Student Complaint Process. Students may also contact the SARA State Portal Entity: 

Contact: Andrea Richards

Title: Supervisor of Higher Education Programs

Phone: (518) 474-1551

Email: IHEauthorize@nysed.gov


New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12234

Additional information is available at:

NYSED Complaint Procedure  

Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Complaints 

Procedure for Filing Complaints

Elmira College is committed to investigating consumer protection concerns raised by students in distance learning courses, including but not limited to truthfulness in advertising and accuracy of data related to course offerings, job placements, tuition, fees, and financial aid. 

Students should initiate complaints with the Graduate and Professional Studies Advisor at graduate@elmira.edu or (607) 735-1719, who will provide appropriate procedural steps or make suggestions to assist the student to resolve the complaint, which may including advising the student to express their complaint in an email to the Director of Graduate and Professional Studies at arittenberger@elmira.edu in a written statement describing the nature of the complaint. The Director will either make a decision that is communicated in writing, or forward the complaint to an appropriate individual, college official, or committee. Information from other individuals involved with the complaint may be requested if necessary. The outcome will be documented and communicated to the student. 

In the event the complaint is filed against the Director of Graduate and Professional Studies, the complaint should be submitted directly to the Provost at pireland@elmira.edu or (607)735-1804

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