Professor Gennaro Rendino Featured In Online Publications

Recently, Gennaro Rendino, assistant professor of Business Administration, took his personal finance knowledge beyond the classroom and shared his expertise with two online publications: MoneyGeek and WalletHub.

In the MoneyGeek report, Rendino weighed in on car insurance and the best way to estimate their costs. His key advice for readers is to take the time to shop around and get real quotes - not just the online calculator figures - for a good comparison. Read his full Q&A here.

For WalletHub, Rendino weighed in on the best credit card options for college students. Rendino answered questions about the best way for college students to use a credit card. "Carefully," he said. He also advised students how to avoid certain mistakes. Again, he advised shoppers to look around and find a card with a low or no annual fee, low-interest rates, and a reward that matters to them. Read his full Q&A here.

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