Dr. Todd Egan Shares Crop Biology Expertise At International Conference

Dr. Todd Egan, Professor of Biology at Elmira College, shared his expertise on intercropping and sustainable agriculture with attendees of the Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan Memorial International Conference on Food Security held late fall 2022.

“The conference was a great opportunity for me to connect with my overseas colleagues,” said Egan.

The international conference was held online and featured experts on halophytes, which are plants that can grow in saline, or salty, environments. Attendees included leading academic scientists, researchers, UN organizations, and policymakers. Conference organizers hope to increase awareness about the ongoing and increasing effects of climate change on crop production, particularly its impact on regions that frequently experience food insecurity. The goal is to increase the use of sustainable agriculture as farmland decreases.

Egan’s presentation was titled, “Effects of Summer Savory and Sweet Corn Intercropping on Crop Production and Essential Oil Profiles of Summer Savory."

“Growing corn along with savory crops, called intercropping, has greater land use and resource efficiency compared to monocropping [only growing corn]. Intercropping can positively affect the essential oil quality in pharmaceutical crops,” said Egan.

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