Michael McCormick ’16 MS ’18: Learning how to think through math

Michael McCormick ’16 MS ’18 veered a little from the typical path many math majors take and found a career in computer science, where he serves as Chief Information Officer at Lourdes University.

“I came to higher education and never left,” he joked.

McCormick’s role requires plenty of algebra and applied mathematics skills to be successful. For example, he uses differential equations to determine the best return on investment when purchasing computer equipment for the campus. And he relies on metrics and data analysis to create reports for his key stakeholders. But McCormick said the true value of his Math degree was that it “taught me how to think.”

“With math, we learn that there’s an infinite number of problems, but a finite way to solve them,” he explained “We learn how to approach problems in a methodical, uniform way.”

“Chances are when you graduate, your entry-level job will not be the same job as the one you will have when you retire, and the job you have when you retire probably doesn’t even exist today. That’s why it’s important to be a well-rounded individual.”

With the critical thinking skills and flexibility of a Math, McCormick is hopeful that future generations of students who have an interest mathematics will pursue this degree field.

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