Dr. Mary Jo Mahoney Featured In 500th Episode of 'Admissions Straight Talk' Podcast

Dr. Mary J. Mahoney, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Medical Humanities program at Elmira College, was a featured guest on the 500th episode of the “Admissions Straight Talk” podcast, released on December 13, 2022.

In the podcast, Mahoney gives tips for preparing a medical school application, focusing on how to write with empathy.

“Since pre-med students face very demanding academic milestones in core science curricula, over time speaking empathetically rather than scientifically about biology and medicine can feel like unmoored territory,” Mahoney said. “Yet, we need future healthcare professionals to be inherently empathetic, compassionate, and altruistic. I help pre-med students, and other health science students, find and tell empathetic stories about others, about witnessing human struggle or triumph, in writing and in conversation.”

The weekly “Admissions Strait Talk” podcast is produced by Accepted, a consulting company that helps students apply to and get accepted into graduate programs.

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