Elmira College Media Artist Serves as Award Judge for Ithaca Photography Show

Elmira College Media Artist Jan Kather served as a judge for the 33rd Annual Photo Competition, an in-gallery show, which was exhibited through June 2022. It was sponsored by the State of the Art Gallery Ithaca.

As judge, Kather decided on seven prizes, awarding the first prize to Ray Helmke for his black and white image titled "Scrap Metal Worker."

"Although methods today may rely more on algorithms than optics, current 'ways of seeing' in this show largely rely on time-honored conventions of fine art photography," Kather explained. "In the end, it's about seeing the three-dimensional world and transforming it, calling attention to color interactions, the quality of light, framing strategies, scale, and composition. The subject matter itself may provoke thoughts and emotions about current events or enduring literature. Often the sheer pleasure and joy of looking at the world, sensitively recorded and expressed, delights or puzzles us."

Kather's full commentary as well as a list of the prize winners can be found here.

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