Discover the Natural World with a Biology Degree

Biology is not merely a collection of facts—it is also a process of discovery. At Elmira, you'll participate actively in this process in the classroom, laboratory, and field. Starting in your first-year courses, you will learn approaches to science and develop your own research projects. Whether you’re interested in being a doctor, a businessperson, a researcher, or a teacher, receiving a Biology degree from Elmira and gaining real-world experience along the way through our internships, clubs, and travel courses creates opportunities that make an impact in your profession and the world.

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"The advantage of a Biology Major at Elmira College is the close connection you get with your professors. They are always encouraging students to visit their office hours, always encouraging students to ask questions."
–Nathan Romano ’25

What Can I Do with a Degree in Biology?

As a Biology major, the career possibilities are endless. You could find yourself working in biomedical research, academics, marine ecology, private industry, medical school, veterinary school, physical therapy, and K-12 education, as well as in the state and federal government. Alumni frequently return to campus to talk with our current students about potential career paths and their own work experience.

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Take Your Biology Degree to the Next Level

A Biology degree from Elmira creates so many diverse opportunities in the health-care, business, teaching, and research fields. Whichever area you choose, our specialized programs can advance your knowledge and improve your professional viability after graduation:

  • Clinical Laboratory Studies — The Clinical Laboratory Sciences field is in high demand. Build on your Biology degree with our Post-Baccalaureate Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program.
  • BS/DO — Do you want to use your Biology degree to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine? Learn how our BS to DO program with LECOM can put you on the fast track to success!
  • Term III — Consider expanding your knowledge of the natural world by taking a science-related trip during our signature Term III courses.
  • Travel to New Places — Our travel courses in Marine and Island Ecology, Field Biology, and Environmental Science take you to exciting locations and turn the natural environment into your classroom.

If you're looking to tap into your passion for discovery and research, consider applying to Elmira today and take advantage of what we have to offer.

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Advanced Opportunities

As a Biology student at Elmira, you have many resources to enrich your education. We offer internships at health, science, and research institutions and travel courses to incredible locations around the world for field research. Our Tri-Beta Honor Society supports your research endeavors, and our scholarships reward those who demonstrate academic excellence.

Earn a Biology Minor

Whether you're majoring in Political Science, Journalism, Psychology, Engineering, or another area of study, pursuing a minor in Biology can expand your knowledge base and create unique career paths.

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Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

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