Why Choose Mathematics?

Mathematicians create, discover, teach, and extend our understanding of the world. Our small, interactive classes give you personalized attention. Our lab meetings and capstone seminar develop your collaboration, communication, and technological skills. Math majors at EC form a tight-knit community that is ready to succeed in a wide range of careers.

What Mathematics Will Teach You

Majors take core courses in calculus, statistics, discrete math, and linear and modern algebra, as well as a capstone seminar. Specialized tracks prepare you for graduate school or a career in education or industry. Most of our courses include a lab where students collaborate on activities designed to improve their conceptual understanding and highlight applications. Through our curriculum and research opportunities, you will hone your communication, writing, and presentation skills.

Where Mathematics Can Take You

The Mathematics major offers two career-related concentrations. Our Education Option is designed for students seeking future careers in teaching and our Mathematical Sciences option is designed for students seeking careers in business, industry, and government. A Mathematics degree also helps prepare students for graduate school, law school, or medical school. Students with a Mathematics major tend to score higher on graduate entrance exams such as the GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT.


Students with a degree in Mathematics have numerous employment opportunities and enjoy high incomes and job satisfaction in their careers. Our recent alumni have gone on to pursue careers in industry as data analysts, data scientists, and survey analysts, as well as careers in education as middle school and high school teachers. Some of our graduates have also gone on to earn master's degrees and Ph.D.'s in mathematics and related areas.

Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

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