Why Should I Choose History?

Elmira College’s history program emphasizes a broad knowledge of the people and cultures of the world; providing the universally applicable skills of critical thinking, persuasive writing, original research, and the blending of traditional and innovative techniques in research technology.

What Will I Learn Through History?

History is not merely something we study, it is something we live and something we make. The study of history equips students with analytical skills and research techniques of immense practical and vocational value. That's why we integrate the practice and theory through internship opportunities in museums, libraries, archives, historical societies, governmental agencies, and at historic sites, laying the foundation for future careers.

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What Can I Do With A History Degree?

After graduation, many Elmira College History majors go on to graduate studies in highly competitive programs, such as Cornell University, Michigan State University, and Cooperstown Graduate Program (CGP) in Museum Studies; while others embark on successful careers in museums, government, law, non-profit organizations, education, and business.

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"Here, I get to ask questions in class or find my professor during office hours to get feedback on a paper. And, because of the three-term structure, I can take hands-on classes where we learn tactile skills like putting prints in frames, dating items, and then putting the exhibit in the library where people will see it. It’s exhilarating!"
–Jessa Barton '24

Interested in History but pursuing another academic field? A minor in History pairs well with many other majors and can help broaden your horizons.

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Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

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