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Why Should I Choose Psychology?

The Psychology department at Elmira College offers a curriculum that has strength and variety. You can select courses that complement your interests and career goals, preparing you to become a psychological scientist, a mental health practitioner, or a professional in a related field, such as business, medicine, or law.

What Will I Learn Through Psychology?

The core of the Psychology degree program provides you with solid training in the theoretical viewpoints and empirical methods at the heart of contemporary psychology. Building on this foundation, the flexible curriculum also makes it feasible to combine psychology with other fields of study, such as business, nursing, biology, or criminal justice. The opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to conduct independent research will give you a leg up if you plan to compete for graduate school.

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What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

Psychology is both a science and a profession, and the program at Elmira College prepares you to enter either branch of the field. Some students go on to become doctoral-trained clinical psychologists, researchers, or professors; others become social workers, school psychologists, or professional counselors trained with a master's degree. Students who combined psychology with other areas of study, such as business, often entered fields such as marketing, public relations, and human resources. Students can also pair Psychology and Art to learn about the growing field of Art Therapy.

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"From the school, I've been given a lot of love and support, and that's definitely shown me that I'm in the right place, I'm going the right way."
–Marc Artuz '24

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Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

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