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The fashion industry is one of the largest consumer-facing industries in the world, with an estimated annual sales volume of US $1.5 trillion worldwide.The Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School within Elmira College's Business Administration program will teach you specific marketing and merchandising skills for the operations of the fashion industry while teaching you to think strategically, analyze data, communicate effectively, and think globally and multi-culturally.

You will work with experienced academic and industry professionals, combined with cutting-edge educational methods and small class sizes. And, with our emphasis on experiential learning, you will gain real-world fashion experience through internships, field trips, site visits, and on-site consulting projects.

What does a Fashion Business Generalist learn?

If you’re into business or simply love fashion, this is an ideal course of study for you. Whether you are majoring in Business Administration or another program, this minor allows you to learn and explore several areas in and related to the Fashion Business. You’ll learn to analyze market trends and get to know consumer behaviors to make wise purchasing decisions so that you can get the right items at the right price. You’ll also learn how to get those items to the right people, no matter where they are in the world. You will be able to use market research to target promotions, from online campaigns to big events.

What can you do with a Fashion Business Generalist minor?

This minor pairs well with multiple courses of study, including a major in Media, Communications, and Design, broadening your skills and making you an ideal fit for fashion industry roles. Future job prospects in the field are promising, with strong market growth potential in foreign regions and luxury apparel. According to McKinsey and Company, knowledge of fashion sustainability – which you can study at EC – will be key to future success for fashion companies. Related job titles include retail buyer, visual merchandiser, wholesale account representative, market analyst, fashion marketing manager/director, brand manager, market research analyst, and event planner.

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