Get hands-on experience working with everything that goes into a successful theatre production, such as lighting, scenery, props, and wardrobe. You might even have a chance to apply those skills to a variety of productions, from local community theatre to national tours. If you're more interested in the business side of theatre, internships can provide additional opportunities such as how marketing promotes upcoming shows and organizes special events, or how the theatre's day-to-day operations are managed.


You can work on Elmira College's theatre productions and events as part of your coursework, either through a paid federal or college work study program or FEX volunteer community service program (opportunities listed on MyEC). Construct and decorate scenery, set up and test lighting and sound systems as part of a work study, or manage the stage, design and operate sound and lighting, or handle publicity as a volunteer.  


You can learn more about related community engagement and on-campus employment opportunities in MyEC through the Job Postings and Community Engagement options under the Student Tab. For internship opportunities, visit EC Handshake or Elmira College AlumniFire. For additional help exploring opportunities, contact the Office of Career Services.


Honor Societies

Alpha Psi Omega, Epsilon Alpha Chapter

EC's Epsilon Alpha Cast has been active since 1987. The society provides a reward for members by their participation in theatre activities on campus and in the community.


  • Daniel Lipson Prize – The Daniel Lipson Prize is presented annually to a sophomore or junior who excels in Performing Arts.
  • Hal Roach, Litt.D. '88 Theatre Prize – The Hal Roach, Litt.D. '88 Theatre Prize is presented annually to a junior or senior theatre major who shows potential for a career in theatre and/or film.
  • Elmira College Theatre Scholarship – Elmira College Theatre Scholarships are offered for both Performance or Production. Visit our Theatre Scholarship page to learn more about this exciting opportunity and schedule your audition for the Performance scholarship or an interview for the Production scholarship.

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