With your degree in Theatre, you’ll have many exciting and rewarding career possibilities to pursue.

Television and movie producer Andrea Ajemian '97 talks about her path from Elmira College to Hollywood.

Stage and Screen

Many Theatre majors dream of performing in front of the camera or on stage in a packed theater. Being an actor allows you to explore your creativity as a historical figure who made an impact on the world, a jilted lover trying to find happiness, a hero coming to terms with the responsibility of their powers, a villain with an overly elaborate scheme to take over the world, an explorer dodging danger to find the treasure, or the wacky neighbor who brings all of the laughs. Actors are needed in a variety of roles, from commercials, television shows, stage, and movies to voicing favorite animated characters, making a video game character come to life with motion capture, and as a performer on cruise ships and amusement parks.    

Behind the Scenes

Working in entertainment isn’t always about performing for an audience. If you’re more interested in working behind the scenes, there’s opportunities as a lighting or set designer, hair and makeup artist, casting director, or you can oversee an entire production. You can even help other performers secure work as an agent or hone their skills as an acting coach, or help a theater market itself to audiences looking for a good show.    


Theatre majors who don’t venture to the major entertainment capitals can still find success. Arts councils and community arts centers play a pivotal role in bringing small communities together, and you could help lead these organizations through fundraising, coordinating public entertainment, overseeing historic theaters, engaging local children with creativity, or bringing notable performers to town. 

Career Highlights



job growth projected for actors between 2021-2031 (faster than average)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

of actors are self-employed, while 9% work for colleges, universities, and professional schools and 4% are employed by theater companies.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Our Theatre graduates have gone on to work in many areas of arts and entertainment, such as:

  • Durham Public School
  • Waterloo Library and Museum
  • Barter Theatre
  • Disney Theatricals
  • The Alliance Theater
  • Actors' Equity Association
  • Imagination Stage
  • Cedars Academy
  • Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
  • New York Film Academy
  • Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Our alumni have held positions such as tech director/theatre teacher, executive director, stage manager, self-employed actor/singer, teaching artist, associate producer, contact associate, children's theater wardrobe supervisor, conservatory teacher, technical theater teacher, technical director, instructor, and associate director, 


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