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Why Should I Choose Social Work?

Social work is challenging but gratifying, and few careers have as deep of an impact on people’s lives and the communities where we live. This is frontline work that makes a huge difference! Also, social work is a broad field that offers many opportunities for you to explore and find the job that best suits you. EC’s BSSW program will teach you about the different career avenues you can take, grow your skills through hands-on experiences, and help you network with the many local social work and nonprofit organizations here in Elmira. You’ll be in small classes taught by experienced professors who will get to know you and set you up for success, whether you want to find a job right away or earn a graduate degree.

What Will I Learn Through A Bachelor of Science in Social Work?

EC's Social Work program emphasizes an understanding of human behavior and the social environment. You’ll learn about social welfare policy and services and gain an understanding of the theories and methods that guide social work. We’ll learn about non-discriminatory and respectful practices that recognize the many diverse and intersecting attributes of your clients and how to help promote social and economic justice for them. You’ll come away knowing how to be a skilled communicator and professional guided by ethics in the social work profession so that you can go directly to practice or further your studies in a graduate program. What’s more, this program pairs well with other majors and/or minors, particularly Psychology and Criminal Justice. Pairing your studies will increase your options and further enhance your skills.

What Can I Do With A Social Work Degree?

With a BSSW you can either start working in the field of social work right away or you can pursue a graduate degree, such as a master’s in social work (MSW) or a related field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in the social work field is expected to be faster than other occupations with a projection of 7% employment growth from 2022-2032 nationally. Medical social workers have projected growth during this period at 10% with mental health and substance use social workers projected at 11% growth. New York State long-term occupational projections indicate community and social service organizations will see a 27.8% growth from 2020 to 2030. The Finger Lakes region - where Elmira College is located - is projected to see a 28.3% increase in jobs from 2020 to 2030.

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