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Why Should I Choose Chemistry?

The Chemistry degree program at Elmira College is designed to help you become an independent thinker ready to pursue new ideas and seek the answers to big questions.

What Will I Learn Through Chemistry?

As a Chemistry student, you will enjoy opportunities for engaging, hands-on research. Plus, you’ll work alongside experienced professors and faculty who are experts in their fields. The program curriculum includes coursework across all branches of chemistry, with elective options to allow you to specialize your studies. Throughout the Chemistry program, you’ll also build vital skills — such as writing, public speaking, quantitative reasoning, and teamwork — that will aid you in whatever career paths you pursue.

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What Can I Do With A Chemistry Degree?

Students with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry are highly employable in various fields. At Elmira, our Chemistry major has four concentrations designed for different career goals. In addition to our General Education concentration, our Health Sciences concentration prepares students for medical, dental, veterinary, or related programs. Our Professional Chemistry concentration prepares students for graduate school in chemistry or employment in industry. Finally, our unique Medicinal Plant Chemistry concentration prepares students for employment in the growing fields of drug discovery, natural product analysis, and production of plant-based consumer products. No matter which concentration you pursue, you will enjoy opportunities for real-world research and in-depth studies to boost your skills and build a foundation for a lifelong career.

More About Careers

The clinical laboratory sciences field is in high demand. Build on your Chemistry degree with our Post-Baccalaureate Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program.

Post-Baccalaureate CLS

"They inspired me to begin independent research, pushed me to pursue an exchange in Europe and invested in my pedagogical skills, all while leaving space for me to ultimately shape the process. These were essential in preparing me for the intense teaching and research programs found in grad school and helped me learn to navigate new and uncomfortable environments."
–Tyler J. Myers '16

A major in Accounting isn’t your only option. Try a minor in Chemistry if you’re pursuing another field of study and want to broaden your skills.

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Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

Create YOUR Elmira Experience with a viewbook customized just for you!

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