Meier Hall

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Meier Hall

Meier Hall is an upper-class residence hall located between the Gannett-Tripp Library and Columbia Hall. Students enjoy convenient and varied living accommodations, just seconds away from the dining hall, library, computer center, gymnasium, and fitness center.

Quick Facts

  • Houses 138 upper-class students
  • Air conditioning
  • Singles, doubles, doubles + singles
  • Semi-private baths
  • Laundry
  • Common spaces that build community:
  • Main lounge
  • Recreation lounge
  • Study rooms
  • Meeting - seminar rooms
  • Two music practice rooms
The exterior of Perry Hall

Perry Hall

Perry is a coed upper-class residence hall. This hall is coed by floor with double rooms and suites, and also has laundry facilities on the lowest level. Attached to Perry is Tompkins Hall, an upper-class female hall.

Quick Facts

  • Coed upper-class residence
  • Capacity of about 136 residents
  • Offers suite rooms
  • Offers a TV Lounge with a pool table and vending machines
Tompkins Hall during the fall

Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall, named for Elmira College Trustee Sarah Wey Tompkins, was built in 1928. This building houses upper-class students. Double, single, and single adjoining rooms are available. Some rooms boast working fireplaces and bay windows for a spectacular view of campus. The Terrace Level of Tompkins Hall houses the Speech and Hearing Clinic. Tompkins Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Quick Facts

  • Capacity of just over 100 residents
  • Offers many single rooms
  • Fireplaces and large bay windows in some rooms
  • Spacious rooms with hardwood flooring
Aerial view of the Twin Towers at Elmira College

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Twin Towers

The Twin Towers were opened in 1967 and 1968.
Serving as upper-class residence halls, there are eight floors in each tower. Each floor has four suites, each with a common room, two doubles and a single. The buildings each have four pantries where students can cook and eat. The main lounge, which is also the main entrance to the building, has a large TV, piano, and bean bag chairs, as well as traditional seating, which students use for studying and hanging out with friends. Downstairs, there is a second lounge space with a TV, which students predominantly use for watching movies with friends.

Quick Facts

  • Two connected eight story buildings making it the largest student residence on campus
  • Houses 382 upper-class men and women on co-ed floors
  • Pantries and lounges located on all even numbered floors
  • Suite style living option - Five to a suite with two doubles and a single and a common room
  • Two laundry rooms and two lounge spaces
  • One elevator located in the center of each Tower
The Cottages

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The Cottages were built in 1948 to provide housing for Elmira College faculty members. Now, these four apartment-style buildings offer housing to upper-class students in one- and two-bedroom apartments that provide full kitchens. Students living in Cottages have the option of cooking for themselves.

Quick Facts

  • Coed upper-class residence hall by apartment
  • Capacity of 53 residents
  • Offers apartments with two double rooms or one triple room
  • Each apartment is furnished and has a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom
  • Laundry Room located in the lower level of Benjamin Cottage
  • Unique quad space in front of, and behind the Cottages with a grilling patio
  • Located between McGraw Hall and Anderson Hall

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