Merit Scholarships

Put your high school studies and extracurricular activities to work for you. These are based on qualifications such as your GPA, test scores, recommendations, and area of college studies.

Need-Based Grants

Elmira College, government entities, and private organizations offer grants based on financial need. While each has different qualifications, most ask students to provide their financial background and academic information. Talk to our Office of Financial Aid for help completing applications.

Work Opportunities

Work-to-Learn and Learn-to-Work programs offer students valuable work experience while giving them wages to apply toward college expenses. Students work in more than 20 campus departments. Work-study jobs are funded by Elmira College and the federal government and are based on financial need. Work aid positions are available to all students, regardless of financial need.


There are many different types of loans available to Elmira College students. A loan is money that you borrow and that must be paid back with interest. Depending on the source of the loan, the interest rate may be different, so it's important to make sure you understand the payment terms of the loan. Many loans do not start coming due until after graduation.

Payment Options

When it comes to paying your Elmira College tuition bills, you've got options that will help you keep up to date and avoid notices or late fees. For Fall and Winter terms, you can utilize Nelnet for a payment plan. Contact the Business Office for Spring/Summer options.


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