The Sociology and Anthropology faculty will encourage you to engage with different communities and highly value international experiences. The department offers a number of travel classes, and we are involved with student clubs and organizations. We also support student community work. As part of the program. you'll be eligible for the Honor Society for Anthropology, Lambda Alpha, as well as the Social Science Honor Society, Pi Gamma Mu. Our faculty also support the Honor Society for Women's Studies, Iota Iota Iota. And the faculty will help you identify and complete your internship.


At Elmira College, you'll be required to complete an internship before graduation. It is possible to accomplish this through an internal research internship. For example, one recent student intern completed an archival project, gathering interview data from members of the EC community during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another recent intern prepared an extensively researched proposal to improve campus accessibility for transgender students and those with a range of physical abilities. Many of our majors also complete internships in the fields of criminal justice, human services, law, activism and advocacy, community organizations and businesses, and museums. We will work with you to help find an internship that is right for you.

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