The Academic Writing Program helps incoming students acclimate to college and learn to communicate clearly and effectively, skills they will continue to develop throughout their college careers and beyond.


WRT 1050

The first-year writing course, WRT 1050, will set incoming students up for success by introducing them to the landscape of academic writing and communication. Students learn to identify their audience and rhetorical situations so they can make appropriate decisions based on that awareness. The course prioritizes “rhetorical awareness” in its principles and its pedagogy, teaching students their role as writers and critical thinkers, not only in their new academic context but also in the wider contexts of personal and professional communication. Students also learn effective writing habits that will serve them well in and out of college.

A professor works with a group of students in the Writing Center
A student works on a writing project on a computer in the Writing Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Gannett-Tripp Memorial Library, is open to all students and is an important component of the Academic Writing Program and part of the Center for Academic and Professional Excellence (CAPE). The Writing Center provides a variety of services, including walking students through the basics of getting started, how to organize content, and copy editing drafts. Students meet with tutors face-to-face or online in 30-minute sessions. Students can either walk into the Center during open hours of operation or can schedule an appointment ahead of time using an online scheduling system. Visit to make an appointment.


Annual Selected First-Year Writing Publication

To reflect the College’s commitment to fostering a successful first-year experience that spans from Summer Orientation through the end of our unique experiential Term III, this student writing collection features selected writings from the First Year Seminar (FYS), an interdisciplinary introduction to college discourse and academic inquiry, and WRT 1050, the first-year writing course.

Faculty from across the several sections of FYS and WRT 1050 nominate a small sample of reflective, creative, and analytical writing from the year to share in this annual publication.

This collection of first-year writing is not only a reflection of the writing achieved in the first-year curriculum but also serves as a teaching tool for the next incoming class of Elmira College students who will take FYS 1010 and WRT 1050. In our academic writing class, in particular, students will engage closely with these examples from the previous year. Engaging with this collection helps with familiarity of forms and consideration of writing choices while building confidence in student writers.

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