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The Writing Center aims to create a warm, friendly environment that encourages students from all majors and disciplines to become more effective and confident writers. We support student work in all forms of writing through one-on-one consultations and workshops, and we are committed to offering effective feedback and strategies to help students improve each stage of their writing – from brainstorming to the final draft. All free of charge!

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Our Services

  • One-on-one consultations concerning all writing assignments for all majors and disciplines.
  • Workshops aimed at improving the writing skills of the entire EC community. Some examples of workshops are "Writing in the Sciences," "Editing/Revising Strategies," "How Do I Start My Writing Assignment?," and "MLA and APA for Beginners."
  • A website dedicated to creating, collecting, and organizing writing resources for students and faculty. In addition, all EC students can schedule a personal one-on-one writing consultation through the website.
  • Personal appointments for all faculty members who want suggestions to increase the effectiveness of writing instruction in their classrooms.
  • An opportunity for students to work with their peers as paid student tutors.
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Make an Appointment

Make an online appointment (recommended):

  • Go to elmira.mywconline.com. Use your Elmira College credentials to log in.
  • Create a Writing Center profile if it is your first visit.
  • View the current schedule to find an open appointment that matches your preferred date, time, and tutor. (Open appointments are in white.)
  • Fill out the appointment reservation form.
  • Click "Create Appointment," and you should receive an email confirmation.

You can also visit the Writing Center to make an appointment in person. A tutor can help you register for an appointment or, if possible, begin tutoring you. Please keep in mind that tutors may be in the middle of working with other students, at the end of their shift, or otherwise occupied with Writing Center duties, so it may not be possible for someone to work with you immediately.


Our Policies

  • We do not discuss grades.
  • Individual tutorials last approximately 25 minutes. If you are more than five minutes late, we may give your time slot to another student.
  • Tutors can work with only one full-length paper per individual tutorial session. If you would like help with more than one paper, please schedule additional sessions.
  • Please bring a hard copy of the writing you want to work on and any prompts or other information regarding the assignment.
  • The Writing Center is not an editing and/or proofreading service. Rather than line-edit your work, we will guide you in your own revision.
  • We can get to the heart of helpful revision if you have already proofread your work, so make sure you have carefully read your draft out loud before bringing it to us.
  • Be ready with questions about your work. You will get the most from your session if you are an active, motivated participant!
"It's not just a place where you go if you think 'I'm a bad writer.' You can always go. There are ways to improve even if you are a really good writer or if you want a second set of eyes."
- Peer Tutor Hayley McDaniels '24

Contact Information

Writing Center
Gannett-Tripp Library
Elmira, NY 14901

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