Cowles Hall Health Sciences Center

Technology Enhanced Active Learning Classrooms

The Health Sciences Center in Cowles Hall features technology enhanced active learning classrooms that can be used for many purposes, including rigorous in-class assessment, collaborative learning, and independent study. The space was created through a collaboration between IT, our Nurse Education faculty, and audio and visual specialists.

The Center includes:

  • Whiteboard surfaces designed for interactive writing and drawing tools to annotate projected slides, which can be saved and shared with students. Groups of students can write on the extended whiteboards using colored whiteboard markers.
  • Round tables equipped with six small-form factor PCs and compact monitors in the Cowles 202 and 206 classrooms.

Nathenson Computer Center

The Nathenson Computer Center is located on the terrace level of the Gannett-Tripp Library. It's is an open and spacious facility featuring several different work spaces.

  • Open Lab – a uniquely designed space to the left of the Information Technology Help Desk that provides students an area where they can quickly check email, browse the Web, chat online, work in small groups, and plug in personal laptops. 
  • Windows and Mac Labs – A corridor to the right of the Information Technology Help Desk provides entrance to three large computer labs designed to accommodate different styles of learning. There are two Windows labs and one Macintosh lab, which are regularly updated with new computers as part of the College's technology plan. Nearly all tables in the labs are 5 feet long, providing plenty of workspace for students working individually or in groups of two or three.

Electronic Classrooms

In addition to the Nathenson Computer Center labs, there are two classrooms and a lecture hall on the terrace level of the Gannett-Tripp Library. Custom-designed lecterns equipped with multimedia computers connected to high-resolution projectors are installed in each of the labs and classrooms, providing students and faculty an easy-to-use computer resource for instruction and presentations.

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