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From its very founding in 1855, Elmira College was the first college for women with a course of study equal in rigor to the best men’s colleges. 

Today, as a coeducational institution, EC continues to provide students with clear pathways leading to careers in business, education, law, medicine, research, and a host of other fields by emphasizing hands-on learning and the development of professional skills.

The creation of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan is part of a three-pronged approach to move Elmira College forward, blending traditional liberal arts with professional programming along with the College’s tradition of hands-on, immersive learning. The Strategic Plan lays the path forward for a five-year financial plan with three strategic initiatives: Enhance Strength and StabilityFoster Innovation, and Ensure an Inclusive and Supportive Environment.

Strategic Focus I

Enhance Strength and Stability

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Strategic Focus II

Foster Innovation

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A male and female student talk and laugh near an entrance to Tompkins Hall as other students talk in the background
Strategic Focus III

Ensure An Inclusive and Supportive Campus Environment

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Looking Forward

While these continue to be challenging times for higher education, this 2023-2028 Strategic Plan lays the groundwork for the future. It strikes a balance between strength, stability, innovation, and creating a supportive and inclusive campus environment. It continues to focus on the College’s long history of academic quality and the exceptional educational opportunities experienced by students attending Elmira College.

The journey to a stronger, bolder Elmira College has begun. The five-year financial plan shows us our destination. We know where we need to go and the Strategic Plan lays the path. The comprehensive campaign will be the light that keeps us on that path and is crucial to ensuring we reach our destination.

"Elmira College must be creative and adopt a more student-focused approach to education."

- Charles W. Lindsay, Elmira College President

About the Strategic Planning Process

This is the culmination of a yearlong effort to update the College’s strategic plan and revise the planning process in light of current challenges. 

A Long-Range Planning Committee developed an initial 2023-2028 Strategic Plan draft following a round of surveys, focus groups involving students, faculty, staff, and parents, and other feedback. This draft was then shared with the campus community in May 2023 for review and feedback. Following additional revisions, a final draft of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2023. 

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