An explanation of benefits (EOB) statement often arrives via mail and closely resembles a medical bill. The EOB provides details about a medical insurance claim that has been processed and explains what portion was paid to the healthcare provider and what portion of the payment, if any, is the patient's responsibility. The EOB is not a bill. Any portion of the medical expense not covered by the insurance company, such as a deductible or a co-pay, will be billed by the provider and should be paid directly to the provider.

We've included a sample EOB

Claims and Help

Employees have access to an online portal through Excellus BCBS. Several options are available to you: View your benefits and coverage, view your member cards, submit claims, and more.

  • To create an online account with Excellus BCBS:
  • Go to the member registration page and create an account
  • To view or submit a claim online:
  • Go to the member login page and sign in
  • Click the "Claims" dropdown menu from the top navigation bar and select the appropriate option

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