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There are many opportunities to gain professional experience while at Elmira, whether it's by completing an internship in a specific field of interest and familiarizing yourself with the industry, conducting research, making connections and enhancing skills during your community engagement, or taking on a leadership role in one of our student clubs and organizations. No matter the opportunity, the Office of Career Services is here to support you in developing your career goals.

first year experience community volunteers at Eldridge Park
Two students meet with a recruiter at a job fair
A student lays on top of an orca she worked with as part of an internship

Types Of Experiences

Community Engagement

Community engagement provides learning opportunities, instills civic responsibility, immerses students in the local area, and helps strengthen the community of Elmira. All full-time students at Elmira College must complete a minimum of 60 hours of community engagement with a local non-profit service organization within 50 miles of campus. This general education requirement must be completed within two years of enrolling at Elmira College. The Office of Career Services oversees this program with established guidelines and procedures that you'll need to follow as you complete your community engagement. We provide consultation, guidance, and support as needed throughout any aspect of your community engagement.

Career-related Internships

Professional preparation is a priority at Elmira College. As part of the General Education requirements, students are expected to complete Field Experience through Career-Related Internships and/or Research Experiences. The Office of Career Services oversees the Internship program and is happy to provide students support and assistance in finding an organization that suits their needs. Students are encouraged to exceed the minimum requirement as well as complete multiple internships.

The experiential learning gained through internships develops and enhances the skills that will be necessary for entry-level positions and beyond. Some pre-professional programs have internships built into the curriculum, such as clinical hours with the nursing program and student teaching hours with the education program. Elmira College offers students access and coaching on how to effectively use Handshake and Elmira College AlumniFire – key tools in navigating the internship and job search process.

Pre-graduate Internships

A Pre-Graduate School Internship may be pursued by students who are planning to attend graduate school and who meet the high standards of graduate study. The Pre-Graduate School Internship fulfills the Career-Related Internship requirement. Projects for the Pre-Graduate School Internship may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Original research in the laboratory sciences
  • Building an art portfolio
  • Statistical hypothesis testing, and or model building
  • Interpretation and analysis of the activities of social agencies or businesses
  • Graduate-level scholarship on a historical, literary or philosophical subject

Thesis or Portfolio

Students who plan to go on to graduate school or into a research field may work with a faculty member to write an original thesis, or produce an original body of work appropriate for their field of study. This thesis or work should result in a significant and appropriate contribution of new ideas or material to the field.

Elmira College students visit the New York Stock Exchange

Explore Your Career Options

Career exploration starts by familiarizing yourself with your own unique combination of skills, values and interests. The Office of Career Services offers students access to a variety of free career assessments and will work with you to interpret the results and make a plan to move your career forward. You can schedule an appointment on Handshake to meet with a professional coach to determine which assessments are best for you.

A career counselor helps a visitor in the Career Closet
The Career Closet has a variety of professional items

Look Your Best With Our Career Closet

The Career Closet can help you obtain the professional clothing you need to impress at a job fair, interview, or internship. Let the Office of Career Services help you put together an outfit with shoes and accessories, all while teaching you how to build an affordable, professional wardrobe. And the clothes are yours to keep. 

The Career Closet welcomes donations of clothing. To donate, email Career Services at or call (607) 735-1830. You can also support the Career Closet with a monetary donation by visiting, selecting “Other - See Designation Below,” and specifying “Career Closet.”


Advance Your Education

The decision to attend graduate school is a very important one; one that takes time, planning, and forward-thinking. Starting the process early will give you time to think about what you want to do, allow you to consider all possible options, and maximize your efforts in preparing your application materials. Elmira College has a number of articulation agreements with colleges and universities around the world.  Reach out to the Office of Career Services or your Academic Department to learn more.

Researching Graduate Schools

Graduate Admittance Exam Information


Market Yourself

A student is pictured in the finance trading room

There's a lot that goes in to navigating the internship and job search process – networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews and even negotiating offers.  All students have access to the "Career Services at Elmira College" Canvas Page. Check out the modules section to get started!

The Office of Career Services is available for personalized assistance for each step of the process. You can schedule an appointment with a professional staff member via Handshake.

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