Move-In Monday: Campus Traditions, Lingo, and Tips

Our summer "Move-In Monday" series continues with vocabulary lessons and tips and tricks for campus newcomers. The Office of Residence Life team shared a bit of the lingo and traditions unique to Elmira College, along with general tips and terms specific to college life.

Uniquely Elmira:

  • The "Puddle" is the pond in front of Cowles Hall.

  • Get ready to sing your heart out! Elmira College has many traditional college songs that new students will learn during Orientation, including the Alma Matter.

  • Special traditions and events like Mountain Day, Holiday Banquet, and Candlelight await you, connecting you to the students who came before. While the traditions carry on, each generation adds their unique twist, morphing the traditions through the years. Mountain Day isn't the same as it was in 1919 when it began, yet it remains one of the most beloved traditions. We can't wait to see how you will leave your mark on these traditions.

  • The Mark Twain Study just turned 150 years old! It is located near Cowles Hall and is where the famous author penned Tom Sawyer and other iconic works.

  • Cowles Hall sits atop Prospect Hill, which was once covered by irises. This is why the iris is a symbol at EC, and also why purple and gold are the College's official colors.

  • Octagons are also a symbol at Elmira College. The shape was popular when Cowles Hall was being built and octagons can be found in architectural and design elements all over campus.

  • The Soaring Eagle mascot, Simeon, pays homage to the City of Elmira, known as the "Soaring Capital of America."

College Life 101:

  • A dorm is called a residence hall.

  • Instructors are professors, not teachers.

  • Make sure you have everything you need for college life by checking out the EC packing list from the Office of Residence Life team.

  • RA stands for Resident Assistant. This is an upper-class student who lives on your floor to help you adjust to college life.

  • CC (Community Coordinator) is a professional Residence Life staff member who lives and works on campus.

  • Make sure to fill out the Room Condition Report (RCR) within 24 hours of moving into your space. You will receive these at move-in.

  • Take care of yourself. Get rest, get a balanced diet with lots of healthy foods, and stay active. You can find the fitness center in Emerson Hall, located near the Speidel Gymnasium.

  • Avoid wearing your student ID on a lanyard. It is an easy way to lose it.

  • Take a walk to find buildings and classrooms BEFORE classes start. This will ensure a smooth first day of classes and keeps sheepish glances at the campus map to a minimum.

  • Leave plenty of time to get to classes and plan to arrive a few minutes early.

  • Get involved on campus! There are more than 50 student clubs and organizations at Elmira that will help make the transition to college life easier.

Have questions? The Office of Residence Life team is always here to help.

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