Elmira College Admissions Team Moves to Historic Cowles Hall

The Elmira College Admissions team is settling into their new office locations in Cowles Hall. This means prospective students and their families can start their campus visits in the College’s original building which sits atop Prospect Hill.

Cowles Hall overlooks some of EC’s most iconic and beloved spots, including the Mark Twain Study, The Puddle, and Carnegie Lawn.

“The Admissions team is excited to greet families in this stunning and historically significant building for the campus,” said Dennis Kelly, Vice President of Enrollment Management. “Although the oldest building on campus, the welcome center has a modern, airy, and spacious look. The large room includes multiple seating areas where families and counselors can chat, a coffee bar, and a ping pong table.”

“The entire admissions team is thrilled to be part of the rich history in Cowles Hall,” added Patrick Gillette, Director of Admissions.

Elmira College Admissions Team Moves to Historic Cowles Hall

Previously, the Admissions team was located in the 1855 House, directly across the street from Cowles Hall. Originally built in the 1800’s, the 1855 House was traditionally the on-campus home for Elmira College’s presidents. In 2016, the Office of Admissions moved into the house after the College was gifted a home on Euclid Avenue for the presidents and their families.

After nearly a decade, current EC President, Dr. Charles Lindsay decided it was time for EC’s president to re-establish residency on campus. Dr. Lindsay, and his wife Janna, will return to the 1855 House this summer.

“Janna and I are looking forward to moving into the 1855 House. Being located directly on campus provides a sense of excitement and connection to the students and campus community that you just can’t get when living off campus.”

Meanwhile, the Admissions team looks forward to welcoming prospective students and their families in Cowles Hall. Parking is available in the lots next to Cowles Hall and signs line the pathway to the welcome center. The following GPS address can be used for directions: 850 N. Main Street, Elmira, NY 14901.

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