Move-In Monday: EC Pack List

At Elmira College, we’ve begun to look ahead to your arrival this fall when we can welcome you to campus. To help your transition to college life, the Residence Life team will share tips and tricks every other Monday between now and August 19 to get you packed, moved, and settled so that you can begin to make Elmira College your place.

Our Move-in series begins with a list of the items Residence Life recommends you pack as well as a list of items to toss in the “stay-at-home” pile. While many big-box stores create a college supply list, the EC team pulled together a packing list to help you get started. And don’t worry, if you forget something there are many shopping options, such as grocery, discount, and big-box stores, all located within a 15-minute drive from campus.

View and print the EC packing list.

Move-In Monday: EC Pack List

You and your family will want to consider renting a MicroFridge through the EC program. For those who chose this option, the fridge and microwave combo will be waiting in their room on move-in day. Those who plan to bring their own should know that personal microwaves are prohibited and fridges should be the standard mini size.

We asked EC students to share recommendations for what to bring:

As important as knowing what to bring is knowing what items should stay at home. The Student Code of Conduct contains a complete list of prohibited and unsafe items that break the fire code. Some highlights include:

  • While EC has pet-friendly residence options, leave home unapproved pets (fish in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium are okay)
  • Firearms - even if you hunt or shoot for sport
  • Anything with an open heat component such as a hot plate, griddle, coffee pot/heater
  • Candles, halogen lamps, and tapestries

If you have questions about your residence hall, pack list, or anything else in between, the Residence Life team is here to help you. Click here for contact information.

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