Elmira College student art is currently on display in the Term I 2023 Student Art Show. The exhibit, housed in the George Waters Gallery, will continue through December 1.

Included are works from the First Year Seminar courses and work by students taking art courses at all levels. A variety of mediums, including paintings, drawings, prints, videos, ceramics, collages, and sculptures, are on display in the Gallery.

“This current show highlights the great work of our students, not only art majors but also students taking elective Art classes,” explained Chris Longwell, Associate Professor of Art. “ The wide range of media and styles is fantastic!”

“The George Waters Gallery is an extension of our art studios and classrooms, helping us show the depth, skill, and range of our students and our art department,” continued Longwell. “Much hard work occurs in our studio spaces. This exhibition formally celebrates our students’ journeys in art.”

As part of the preparation for the Art Show, students learn to install artwork in the Gallery and curate the exhibitions with the Art faculty. This current show highlights the great work of our students, not only art majors, but students involved in the art program taking classes as electives. The wide range of media and styles is fantastic!!

Dylan Hall '27, Art major, is among the students with work featured in the Electronic Art Studio class booklet. Hall is a photographer and graphic design artist. His photo is a black-and-white image of a man and a dog looking out a window with “Visible” written across the upper right-hand side. Hall also added crease marks and other details.

“I typically take photos and use my graphic design skills to make them look unique and appealing,” he explained. “My goal is to encourage the viewer to look closely at my work and notice all of the details big or small that reflect my vision and creativity. This blend of photography and graphic design allows me to continuously improve my skills and share my perspective.”

In one video piece, students from the First Year Seminar Course, “Lights, Camera, Re-action!” outlines how the film director, Jordan Peele, based his main character in Nope on the unknown Black man in pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge's early moving pictures.

Among the students who collaborated on the video is Maura Buck ’27, Visual Arts major. She also contributed prints and paintings to the show.

“I think what excites me most about the student show is the incredible amount of opportunity it provides the College’s artists to get used to seeing their work in a professional setting, and appreciated in the same measure!” exclaimed Buck. “I know that for me personally, having so many pieces in the show has been a huge confidence boost, and seeing people compliment my work in real-time as I work the Gallery is amazing!”

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