Washington Monthly Ranks Elmira College in Top 10 Best Bachelor’s Colleges

The Washington Monthly released its national rankings on Monday, with Elmira College ranked at #7 out of 242 Best Bachelor’s Colleges in the nation.

Washington Monthy’s rankings assess colleges based on three broad categories: social mobility, research, and promoting public service. The publication specifically looks at how well colleges recruit and graduate students of modest means, produce the scholarship and scholars that drive economic growth and human flourishing, and encourage students to be active citizens and serve their country.

“When we launched the Washington Monthly rankings in 2005, we were a lonely voice calling for a higher education system that champions the majority of students, not the privileged minority,” said Paul Glastris, the Monthly’s Editor in Chief. “I’m glad to see the world slowly moving in that direction.”

Helping EC perform well in the Washington Monthly’s rankings is a strong focus on community engagement and internship experiences. All undergraduate students complete at least some service hours and/or internships that help build essential skills for career success. EC also places a high priority on research opportunities, with many faculty working closely with students on projects, often co-authoring research papers and co-presenting at national conferences.

Washington Monthly Ranks Elmira College in Top 10 Best Bachelor’s Colleges

Elmira College also rose to #95 on the Washington Monthly’s Best Bang for the Buck Rankings: Northeast, outperforming many other regional colleges. EC was ranked #100 last year and #132 the prior year. This list focuses on how well a college helps non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.

“These rankings speak directly to the value of an Elmira degree,” said Eric Sykes, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Elmira College. “We’re proud of the professional pathways we’ve developed for students, giving them opportunities for graduate and career advancement, while maintaining one of the lowest undergraduate tuition prices of any four-year private college or university in the region.”

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