The Pi of New York chapter held its annual induction and banquet with nine newly elected members of high scholarly attainment. Prizes were also awarded to five outstanding juniors and six promising sophomores. At the event, Ryan Hardy '23 delivered an address on behalf of the students and Dr. Doc Billingsley, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, delivered the main address, "Making Peace with Uncertainty and Other Lessons From a Liberal Arts Education."

Class of 2023 Newly Elected Members-in-Course of Phi Beta Kappa:

Julia Ambrose '23
Maria Antonio '23
Ryan Hardy '23
Kathryn Kielbasinski '23
Victoria Lamphere '23
Rachel Nagy '23
Annabelle Schmittee '23
Donovan Tanner '23
Oscar Munoz Trinidad '23

Class of 2024 Prize Winners:

Kristen Aasheim '24
Madeline Boucher '24
Molly Campo '24
Madison Morton '24
Devon Parente '24

Class of 2025 Prize Winners:

Jessa Barton '25
Kaitlyn Potter '25
Maya Powers '25
Alexa Sitzer '25
Jeremiah Steinhilber '25
Ryan Trenholm '25

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most distinguished of all the academic honorary societies, promotes, recognizes, and honors scholarly achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776, and the Pi of New York chapter at Elmira College was established in 1940.

"A student's election to the society reflects far more than a high GPA achieved in a necessary selection of courses; it recognizes more than a body of acquired knowledge," said Dr. Charles Mitchell, Professor of American Studies and History. "Rather, it reflects a demonstrated interest in and commitment to the value of learning, to the vital traditions and principles offered by a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences. The College itself is honored to be able to recognize these students."

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