Don’t miss free money! If you’re considering Elmira College, don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive a full-tuition scholarship granted to first-year, full-time students. Recipients will receive the scholarship each year for up to four years. Submit your application to the Elmira College Scholars Program by 11:59 p.m., Dec. 31.

This scholarship program recognizes students for their exceptional academics, extra-curricular activities, and for being generally well-rounded.

To enter, students must submit an application for admission to Elmira College and complete a 500-750 word essay based on the below prompt.

“The year is 2037. It has been 10 years since your commencement at Elmira College. Since that time how have the values of the Elmira College Mission Statement helped shape you and the way you approach the world.”

Current high school students interested in applying should complete the EC application for admission as well as the scholarship essay through the EC Online Portal by 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 31.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by February 1 and must confirm their enrollment by April 1. Those not selected for the full scholarship will be eligible for a $25,000 Trustee Scholarship.

For additional information and requirements, visit the Elmira College Scholars Program online.

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