Elmira College students currently have their creativity on display in the Term I 2022 Student Art Show. The exhibit, housed in the George Waters Art Gallery, will continue through December 2.

“There’s a lot of different types of art in the show,” said Sarah McGrain ’23, an Art major. “There are paintings, prints, and ceramics. A lot of art for everyone.”

The exhibit includes pieces from the First Year Seminar courses along with work by students taking art courses at all levels. Paintings, drawings, prints, and video displays hang on the display walls with ceramics and sculptures featured on pedestals throughout the Gallery.

In one video piece, students from the First Year Seminar Course, Animating the World of Myth, recite pieces of their writing as scenes of nature from the surrounding area roll across the screen.

In addition to two paintings, McGrain also contributed to a video piece developed in the Electronic Arts course with Jan Kather. The video is a collection of clips the students manipulated, speeding up or slowing down the action. Some clips use a technique to turn the video into a graphic illustration.

“I really like nature, so in my segment of the video, I included a lot of trees and water,” said McGrain. Her pieces also have “some Halloween vibes” since the exhibit opened just before the spooky holiday.

Among the first items a viewer will see in the Gallery are sculptures placed on pedestals, including a soapstone sculpture by Hollis Berry ’25. The soft stone is a new medium for the Art major. He designed the piece so that “any direction you look at the sculpture, it should appear to be moving upwards.”

McGrain and Berry helped with setting up the exhibit and are excited to see everyone’s work displayed.

“I think it is very important to show your work and get opinions and connect to others through your work,” said Berry.

“This show is a celebration of creative thinking and personal expression,” said Aaron Kather, Assistant Professor of Art. “An immense amount of collective effort was put into the artworks in the gallery, and I hope that those efforts can be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible.”

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