The Phi Eta Sigma officers and advisors recently inducted 22 Elmira College students into the International Honor Society, rewarding first-collegiate-year scholarship.

Phi Eta Sigma, the oldest and largest first-year honor society, was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois. The goal of the honor society is to encourage and reward academic excellence among full-time, first-year students in institutions of higher learning.

The Society has established chapters in over 350 institutions of higher learning in the United States. Elmira College is the 289th chapter, established in 1990.

The three Greek letters, Phi, Eta, and Sigma, represent the basis of the organization's membership because, when translated, they mean "lovers of wisdom."

The list of 2022 inductees includes:

Molly Campo '25

Makenna Clark '25

Sienna Fell '25

Trishelle Hall '25

Kaela Howard '25

Justin Hyde '25

Taylor Jung '25

Elizabeth LePage '25

Sarah Morgan '25

Allyssa Murrelle '25

Carolyn Phillips '25

Maya Powers '25

Nathan Romano '25

McKenzie Schmidt '25

Sabrina Shvartsman '25

Alexa Sitzer '25

Sarah Steflik '25

Haley Sullivan '25

Ryan Trenholm '25

Syeda Neha Wajahat '25

Cristy-Lee Webster '25

Liam Wedge '25

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