The Elmira College Office of Alumni Relations announced today that it is changing its name to
Office of Alumni Engagement to more accurately reflect the mission of the office. The change
goes into effect today, October 12, 2022.

With a focus on alumni, the Office is directly responsible for successful alumni engagement,
including communications, events, and cultivation of vital relationships across the alumni
network. In addition, the Office works with other College offices and departments to create
opportunities for alumni and other supporters to be part of the College’s strategic initiatives,
including participation in student-centered academic programs, career preparation, and
engaging and inclusive co-curricular opportunities.

Transitioning to “Alumni Engagement” highlights the office’s dedication to actively building
engagement opportunities for EC’s more than 15,000 alumni around the globe. It is a critical
part of the College’s mission to directly engage with its graduates, who serve as institutional
ambassadors within their own communities. The Office also strives to create a sense of pride,
purpose, and philanthropy.

“It is a privilege to work with our alumni to offer students a true EC experience and to carry on
our EC traditions and pride,” said Wade Hart, Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
“Our alumni are proud of their EC education and the close relationships they developed while
here, and then carried with them long after their four years here. Their pride and support
ensures Elmira College continues to be a place where students develop into effective leaders,
responsible community members, and globally engaged citizens who will take on society's
greatest challenges.”

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