On June 9, Elmira College employees gathered for the annual Recognition Breakfast. This annual event marks the end of the academic year and is a chance to honor colleagues for their years of service, congratulate those who received promotions, and say farewell to those who retired or announced their retirement.

During the event, faculty and staff were presented with awards.

Douglas Anderson Award: For 34 years, Douglas Anderson of Elmira, an outstanding community leader and business executive, served Elmira College as a member of the Board of Trustees. In his honor, The Anderson Foundation and his daughter Bertha Anderson Greelee endowed The Douglas Anderson Award for administrative leadership at Elmira College. This year the award was presented to Josh Campbell, Director of Facility Operations.

Joseph Stein Award: The Josef Stein Award was established to honor the memory of this distinguished former trustee by his son-in-law Dr. Edward Grandt, who for years was himself an active and highly respected member of the Board of Trustees. This award honors a relatively new member of the Elmira College faculty who has performed with distinction. This year the award went to Adam Giambrone, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

Catharine McGraw Rock Award: The Catharine McGraw Rock Award was established by a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Harold McGraw, of the McGraw-Hill Publishing Corporation, in honor of his daughter. Mr. McGraw was a devoted trustee and major benefactor of the College. This award is presented to a senior member of the Elmira College faculty. This year the award went to Deborah Owens, Director of Education and Associate Professor of Education.

Five Years of Service:

  • Laura Kane
  • Colleen Parsons
  • Adam Rominger
  • Andrew Stage
  • Ping Zheng

Ten Years of Service:

  • Cody Mattison
  • Thomas Griffiths
  • Mark Pitner

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor:

  • Adam Giambrone, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Gennaro Rendino, Associate Professor of Business Administration
  • Ping Zheng, Associate Professor of Psychology

Promotion to Professor:

  • Mitchell Lewis, Professor of English and Creative Arts & Humanities Chair

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