Elmira College was recently named to Money's annual list of "Best Colleges in America for Your Money," ranking 173 among 623 US colleges and universities.

Money's rankings only include U.S. colleges that have sufficient reliable data to analyze, and in order to make the list, a college's graduation rate must be at or above the median for its institutional category (public, private, or HBCU). Alternatively, each college must fall within the top 25% of Money's "value-added" graduation analysis, meaning the graduation rate needs to be higher than would be expected for colleges whose students have similar test scores and socioeconomic backgrounds. Money also eliminated institutions that showed at least two signs of financial difficulty, such as being labeled by the U.S. Department of Education as having financial issues.

After meeting the above criteria, colleges are ranked based on 24 factors in the following three categories: quality (30%), affordability (40%), and outcomes (30%) with greater emphasis placed on affordability. Money's full methodology is available on their website.

"At a time when affordability is a primary concern for students and their families, we are proud to be included in Money's list of Best Colleges in America," said Charles Lindsay, Elmira College President. "Elmira College has one of the lowest undergraduate tuition prices of any four-year private colleges in the region. We bring added value to our students by bringing together a liberal arts education with professional programs that prepare our students for career success. We also create pathways by making it easier for students to gain acceptance in graduate programs and require all students to complete an internship before graduation, building a strong network of support that is further fostered by our active alumni."

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