Commencement May 19

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Annual Triota National Honor Society Induction HeldThe Elmira College Chapter of Iota Iota Iota (or Triota), the National Women's Honor Society, recently held its annual induction ceremony. Triota strives to maintain the feminist values central to Women's Studies: egalitarianism, inclusiveness, and a celebration of the diversity of women's experiences.

This year's inductees were Melissa Vadney '19 and Kate Cota '21. The featured speaker for the 2020 induction ceremony was Assistant Professor of Theatre, Hannah Hammond. Hammond drew the inspiration for her talk from the character and meaning behind an upcoming play she is directing, The Wolves.

In her keynote address, Hammond shared the following words with attendees:"All you have to be is yourself. Show up with the truest version of yourself, In everything you do. But maybe more importantly - don't be afraid of who you are, what you think and all the ways you show up in the world."

"That negative story loop, that you aren't enough as you are, is just that. A story. You control it. You can choose to listen or not. I dare you to make the scary choice and start to ignore it. That anxiety is only fear and you never have to be afraid of who you are. Because who you are is all you can be and that is beautiful."

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