Featured Artist Influenced By Family ExperiencesAs the annual Arts Alive celebration continues, photography by nursing major, Marissa Deal '21, will be featured in Gibson Theatre Lobby February 25-March 10. Her photographs highlight landscape and architecture and are taken with a traditional SLR film camera.

"Growing up I was always surrounded by people taking photographs," said Deal. "My Grandpa was the first person who was in love with photography, which he passed down to my uncles and my mom. Although I have always had an appreciation for photography, I had never thought about taking photos myself. It wasn't until I signed up for Photography I in college that I understood why my Grandpa was obsessed with it. By using his film camera, I have felt more connected to him than I ever imagined."

"While I was on vacation to Puerto Rico I was able to use the camera to the fullest. I found that I loved taking pictures of the landscape and all of the historic buildings, which there were a lot of historic buildings in Old San Juan. I feel as though pictures of historic buildings show the story of the past. Even though the technology of taking photography has changed a lot since my Grandpa, I feel as though that I have made him proud."

To view Deal's additional work, click here.

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