Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive housing provides students the opportunity to live with whomever they choose, regardless of gender, sex, or gender identity.

We hope this housing option will empower students to make choices about their living situations and allow Elmira College the opportunity to meet the diverse needs of our students. Gender Inclusive housing will be available to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students. First-year students may also apply to the Assistant Dean of Students for permission to live in this space. The Office of Residence Life will only assign students to live in Gender Inclusive housing when it is requested. Elmira College is designating Perry Hall, Terrace floor as the Gender Inclusive housing option with gender-neutral bathrooms. These bathrooms will be open to all users, regardless of biological sex or gender identity. There are private stalls with partitions that enclose toilets, and showers with individual changing areas. These areas are safe, inclusive, and affirming communities built on mutual respect and trust regardless of a person's biological gender. Students interested in this option can select on their normal room selection date.


Coed Housing

Where can students find coed housing? All suites in the Twin Towers, connected doubles and singles in Meier Hall, suites in Perry Hall, and two-bedroom Cottages.

Participation Requirements

Students simply need to sign and submit the Coed Housing Acknowledgement form during their Housing Selection time to have a coed housing arrangement.


Pet Friendly Housing

Pet Friendly Housing is available only in Twin Tower A. Rooms are offered as singles, doubles, or suites. Students must follow the policies and guidelines outlined in the Pet Friendly Housing Policy. Students who do not submit the Pet Friendly Housing Deposit by August 1 may be removed from housing in Twin Tower A and placed in another building to make space for other students who intend to utilize the community for its intended purposes.

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