Math Assessment

Elmira College requires a mathematics placement assessment through ALEKS Placement,Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) to determine readiness for quantitative courses. This online assessment is adaptive, meaning it adjusts the questions to find out what you already know. The assessment can include material from basic arithmetic through Precalculus, and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Summer Orientation

Choose your courses, learn about our traditions, and meet members of your class. SO is led by talented upperclassmen Orientation Leaders (OLs) that have thrived at EC. After you have paid your enrollment deposit, we will send your Summer Orientation information to you. You will be able to request your SO date preference online and should talk with your family to select the best date as soon as possible. Space is limited for each program and we would hate to see you closed out of your preferred date. You will receive your first course assignments during your Summer Orientation, so plan early and get the best choice of courses.


Fall Welcome

This four-day program helps new students transition to college life at EC. The Orientation Leaders (OLs) from your Summer Orientation return to campus to support you, including moving you into your residence hall room. You'll get a head start on classes, experience residence hall life, and meet new students. During the Fall Welcome, you'll take part in some of your first traditions at Elmira College, from receiving your first-year beanie to battling the OLs in a tug-of-war. This is also when you will experience the first of two Candlelight Ceremonies during your EC career. On the last night that your class is alone on campus for orientation, you will surround the "puddle" with your candles and celebrate the end of your First-Year Orientation Program. The next time you will experience Candlelight will be the night before Commencement when your class owns the campus again.


Family Weekend

Reconnect with your parents and other family members with entertainment, honor society inductions, athletic contests, local tours, and the annual Family Weekend Dance.


Experience Tradition

Mountain Day, Holiday Banquet and Ball, Core classes, Octagon Fair, the Honors and Recognition Banquet, theme dinners, club participation, freshman writing course, athletic the end of your first year, these and other proud traditions will have become a part of who you are, securing your own place in the legacy of Elmira College.

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