Students come to Elmira from all around the world each year.

Located in the scenic southern Finger Lakes region of New York State, Elmira offers a collaborative and supportive learning environment that fosters lifelong learning, leadership, involvement in the community, and global engagement. 

EC can help you reach your goals. 
A student uses a computer in the finance trading classroom
A student works on a painting of a man and child
Students walk across campus surrounded by trees with colorful autumn leaves

Take Your Next Steps

Canadian Students - With our proximity to the Canadian border, Elmira College has a long tradition of attracting a strong contingent of students from our Northern neighbor. Find out more about the process of applying through this well-worn path.

International Student-Athletes Working with an Elmira Coach - If you are an international student who is currently in contact with one of our NCAA coaches or Elmira’s athletics office, find out more about the application process for athletes.

International Undergraduate Students (non-Canadian, non-student-athletes) -  Elmira College has simplified and enhanced the application process for international undergraduate students through our partnership with Global University Systems - InUni.  Find out more about our international partnership and the process for enrolling at Elmira College.

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Questions? Contact:
Mr. Patrick Gillette
Director of Admissions, Elmira College
(607) 735-1736

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