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Lorraine Mothershed
Director of Financial Aid

Hometown: Watkins Glen, NY

Favorite thing about Elmira College: The supportive environment.  Support received from co-workers and students is immeasurable.  Students and staff come together to work towards common goals such as Cuddles for a Cure.  The student club Colleges Against Cancer invited staff to bring in their dogs for students to cuddle.  Everyone working together makes us a great community.

Most frequently asked question about Financial Aid:
Q: Will my financial aid change from year to year?  
A: If family situation remains relatively unchanged, you can expect comparable financial assistance.  Federal student loan amounts increase after the first year.

Penelope Appenzellar

Penelope Appenzellar
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Hometown: Elmira Heights, NY

Favorite thing about Elmira College: THE PEOPLE. I love the campus community. I cherish getting to talk with the students both personally and professionally. I love seeing their faces light up after you tell them what a great game they had or high-fiving them after getting that grade they worked so hard for. Whether it's staying late to make sure they are okay, pushing their car to help get it jumped, or just shooting the breeze in Starbucks proves how caring the community really is. I also can't say enough about the camaraderie among faculty, staff, and administrators. The community is why I chose to stay at EC after completing my Master's degree and I am honored to be a part of it.

Most frequently asked question about Financial Aid:
Q: Should I complete the FAFSA even if I don't think I will qualify for aid?
A: Yes. Everyone should go to and complete the FAFSA. At Elmira College, we use the FAFSA to determine your college aid as well as State and Federal aid.