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Financial Aid Staff

You may have questions about financial aid. 
Please contact us. We want to help.

PHONE: 607-735-1728
FAX: 607-735-1718

General concerns and questions can be emailed to

Kathleen Cohen

Kathleen Cohen '83
Dean of Financial Aid

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland 

Educational background:
Undergraduate college / degree: Elmira College, Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Graduate college / degree: Elmira College, Master of Science in Education

Favorite things about Elmira College: First and foremost, being part of making an Elmira College education possible for students and families and sharing in their successes along the way.

Most frequently asked question about Financial Aid:
Q: What type of financial aid is available?
A: Student aid comes from a variety of sources including Elmira College Scholarships (determined by the Office of Admissions), need-based grants from the college, federal and state government, loans and on-campus employment.

Leslie Daloia

Lorraine Mothershed
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Hometown: Watkins Glen, New York

Favorite thing about Elmira College: The supportive environment.  Support received from co-workers and students is immeasurable.  Students and staff come together to work towards common goals such as Cuddles for a Cure.  The student club Colleges Against Cancer invited staff to bring in their dogs for students to cuddle.  Everyone working together makes us a great community.

Most frequently asked question about Financial Aid:
Q: Will my financial aid change from year to year?  
A: If family situation remains relatively unchanged, you can expect comparable financial assistance.  Federal student loan amounts increase after the first year.

Chris Frame

Christine Frame
Financial Aid Systems Coordinator

Hometown: Elmira, New York

Educational background:
Corning Community College – Associates of Science Degree. Additional coursework at Mansfield University and Elmira College.

Favorite thing about Elmira College: The opportunity for students to travel and see the world during Term III.  Elmira offers an extensive list of destinations from the coastal cities of Ireland, to walking the Great Wall of China, to visiting the historical sites of Poland and Prague. Travel and non-traditional coursework entice students to experience life beyond the classroom and grow as individuals.

Most frequently asked question about Financial Aid:
Q: Are there other sources you can suggest for students to find out about financial aid options?
A: We encourage students to apply for private scholarships and awards. Explore the following resources: Guidance Office, Local Community, Employers, ROTC, and Veteran’s Benefits.

For free private scholarship search information log on to: