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Programs & Departments

Elmira College prepares you for a lifetime of unpredictability and rapid change. Our liberal arts curriculum empowers you for success in multiple fields. Increasingly employers value people who are critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. They demand professionals who can write and communicate effectively.A liberal arts education at Elmira College will prepare you with a core curriculum that embraces science, technology, the humanities, and professional education. If you've a clear vision of where you're headed, Elmira College provides the challenging courses, hands-on experience, and real world skills you'll need to succeed. If you're less certain, Elmira College will show you unimagined possibilities.

With over 35 majors and minor areas of concentration, Elmira College lays the foundation for a diverse, cross discipline education, encouraging you to both specialize and explore. The depths of your learning are limited only by your own curiosity and passion. Elmira College sparks your imagination and opens the door of possibility with a proven liberal arts approach that weaves humanities, science, technology, and the arts with community engagement, internships, study abroad opportunities, and individualized studies options.

An involved faculty provides support every step of the way. 98% of Elmira College's faculty has earned a Ph.D. in their field, and an 10:1 student/faculty ratio allows personal and nurturing connections. These active scholars go beyond the classroom and take the time to work with students. They invest in your inquiries, assist and encourage your research and work alongside you to publish and present academic papers.

Many students arrive at Elmira College with the hope of becoming a doctor, lawyer, CEO, teacher, or artist. Regardless of your career goal, Elmira College's specialized academics will help you realize that dream. The resources, caring advice, and tailored academic opportunities are here to match any ambition.

Check out the course catalogue to get a sneak peek at the diverse and challenging academic offerings, major requirements, course descriptions, sample schedules, and more.

The Center for Mark Twain Studies is perhaps one of the most unique programs at Elmira College. It's a world class research center, befitting its namesake. Established in 1983, The Center for Mark Twain Studies awards internationally-renowned Twain scholars Quarry Farm fellowships and hosts “The Trouble Begins” lecture series.