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Trevor Browning

Dr. Trevor Browning

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

(607) 735-1725

Kolker Hall Room 109

Todd Egan

Dr. Todd Egan

Professor of Biology

(607) 735-1888

Carnegie Hall Room 10

Personal Website:

Dr. Egan's Personal Website

Adam Giambrone

Dr. Adam Giambrone

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

(607) 735-1989

Watson Fine Arts Room 212

Lynn Gillie

Dr. Lynn Gillie

Professor of Biology

Pre-Health Coordinator

Coordinator of Term III Travel and Study Abroad

(607) 735-1859

Kolker Hall Room 203A

Personal Website:

Dr. Gillie's Personal Website

Daniel Kjar

Dr. Daniel Kjar

Associate Professor of Biology

Mathematics & Natural Sciences Chair

(607) 735-1826

Kolker Hall Room 105

Personal Website:

Dr. Kjar's Personal Website

Joseph Kolacinski

Dr. Joseph Kolacinski

Associate Professor of Mathematics

(607) 735-1953

Watson Fine Arts Room 218

Philip Kovac

Dr. Philip Kovac

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(607) 735-1829

Kolker Hall Room 206

Personal Website:

Dr. Kovac's Personal Website

Amy Lyndaker

Dr. Amy Lyndaker

Associate Professor of Biology

(607) 735-1940

Kolker Hall Room 208

Ryan McCulloch

Dr. Ryan McCulloch

Associate Professor of Mathematics

(607) 735-1950

Watson Hall Room 314


Prof. Elisabeth Paulson

Assistant Professor of of Biology

(607) 735-1852

Kolker 205

Corey Stilts

Dr. Corey Stilts

Associate Professor of Chemistry

(607) 735-1850

Kolker Hall Room 106

Personal Website:

Dr. Stilts's Personal Website