4+1 Master's Degree Programs

In addition to the M.S. in Management and M.S. in Education programs offered at Elmira College, the College partners with a number of colleges and universities to provide 4 + 1 program options. These programs enable qualified students to earn a bachelor’s degree at Elmira College and then, approximately one year later, earn a master’s degree at a partner institution.

Programs with Regent’s University London

Elmira College is proud to offer a unique 4+1 agreement with Regent’s University London, allowing students to complete their graduate degree work while studying abroad. Located in central London, Regent’s offers a variety of postgraduate programs, with courses offering a balance between individual and group work, lectures and practical seminars, and placements and workshops.

Emphasizing global leadership, an entrepreneurial approach and intercultural intelligence, Regent’s focuses on connecting students from across the world with representation of approximately 140 different student nationalities.

For more information on this program, please contact Julie Fielding, Director of Career Services, (607) 735-1830.

MBA or M.S. in Accounting or Management

After four years of study and completion of the 121-credit hour accounting program or one of the business administration specialization options at Elmira College, students can pursue an MBA, an MBA with a specialization in accounting, or an M.S. in accounting at a partner college or university.

For more information on these programs and the partnering colleges and universities, please contact Julie Fielding, Director of Career Services, (607) 735-1830.