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Students completing a bachelor of arts in theatre at Elmira College immerse themselves in the study of all aspects of theatrical endeavor. Students who successfully complete the major will be able to:

  • Display and employ communication, critical thinking, information technology, organizational, and quantitative skills.
  • Display and employ basic skills in all areas of theatrical endeavor, especially theatrical production and performance.
  • Display and employ knowledge of theatre history, dramatic literature and criticism in intellectual and practical activities.
  • Display and employ advanced skills in a specific area of theatre study appropriate to either post-graduate study or entry level professional employment.

Students successfully completing the major will:

  • Be prepared for graduate study in performance, directing, design, or technical theatre.
  • Be prepared for entry level careers as professional artists, teachers, arts management staff, etc.

In addition to work within the profession, graduates of the theatre program may find successful careers as lawyers, politicians, religious leaders, educators, administrators, etc.

Note: Learning goals are subject to regular review and revision.