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Aristotle provided us with many great insights through his writing and teaching; two of the most significant are that humans are political animals and that "politics is the master science." Those undertaking the study of political science are learning the fundamentals of human behavior and, that science which explains perhaps the most important aspect of the world around us, how we work together to govern. Through studying political science, students learn about the interaction of people, institutions, governments, and states. To be true citizens of the country or the world, political science students learn how elected officials achieve office, how laws are made, how and why states and other agents in the international system interact with each other, how and why wars happen, how we can facilitate international cooperation, and why governments are necessary.

Students who complete the Elmira College political science program, whether as majors or minors, often go on to study law or to the further study of politics in graduate school.

The program also offers students help in preparing for internships in a variety of practical venues, including working for the New York State Assembly or Senate, or participation in a number of different internship programs in the nation's capital as well as in the United Nations.

Related clubs and organizations at Elmira College include the Political Science Club, the College Democrats, and College Republicans, as well as Pi Sigma Alpha, a Political Science honor society.

Visit the Catalog for a full listing of Political Science courses and descriptions.