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Mathematics is the language of science, lying at the heart of all scientific endeavors, as well as applications in business, industry, or the arts. Mathematicians not only teach others how to use mathematics, but also create new mathematics, thus extending the mathematical tools available to scientists and others.

At Elmira College, students majoring in mathematics take core subjects, including: the traditional calculus sequence; discrete mathematics; linear and abstract algebra; statistical methods; and a senior seminar. Students preparing for a teaching career usually follow the mathematics education option, in which they take courses in mathematics history and geometry. Those planning careers in other fields follow the mathematical sciences option, which includes additional courses in probability and real analysis. Students planning graduate study in mathematics have the opportunity to take preparatory courses, such as topology and complex analysis.

Most Elmira College mathematics courses include laboratory components in which students work collaboratively on advanced exercises that will utilize their mathematical and communication skills, using modern software. Beyond the classroom, opportunities for research and participation at regional conferences are available for the highly motivated student. The students also enjoy a social aspect to their studies through the Math Club and the College's Pi Mu Epsilon chapter.

Visit the College Bulletin for a full listing of Mathematics courses and descriptions.

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