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The finance major at Elmira is designed to give students a balance of theory and practical application, including skill sets they can add to their resumes. Finance is the study of value, and in the finance major, students will learn the methods used to value a stock or a bond, a derivative security, a capital investment project for a firm, or even the firm itself. Students will combine the math they learned in high school with the statistics they will learn at Elmira to determine what return they should earn from an investment, based on how risky the investment is.

Courses in the major introduce the theory and methods used in capital budgeting, creating pro forma financial statements, determining a firm's cost of capital, and calculating the intrinsic value of a firm's stock or bond. Students will learn how to value a firm's common stock using the methods commonly used by Wall Street investors, how to build financial models that are used to value different types of investments, and how to recognize and manage risk.

Visit the College Bulletin for a full listing of Finance courses and descriptions.

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