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The Malesardi Finance Trading Room

The Malesardi Finance Trading Room

The Robert and Doris Fischer ’64 Malesardi Finance Trading Room, gifted to the College by Robert and Doris Malesardi in the Fall of 2014, is a state-of-the-art facility built to provide opportunities for students to use their financial skills in a real-world setting with the same software that finance professionals use on Wall Street. 

Features include:

Morningstar® Direct, a global investment analysis platform that unites all of Morningstar’s data and institutional research, private and third-party content, rigorous analytics, and productivity tools.

For more information, visit Morningstar.

StockTrak® from Stock-Trak, Inc. provides virtual trading simulation that features trading of U.S. stocks, options, bonds, futures, mutual funds, futures options, and equities from 50 global exchanges. Used by more than 1,000 professors and their 30,000 college students each year, StockTrack is at the forefront of financial education and used by over 80% of the top U.S. business schools.

For more information, visit StockTrak.